The work quality within the company increases, by employing valuable specialists. Therefore, best specialists will be attracted. Thanks to the company’s reputation on the labor market, marketing and recruitment costs are reduced, and it will be flooded by job seekers. Significant discrepancies within the activity are avoided in this way, discrepancies that occur when the reliable employees leave the company. Specialists, who are well trained in all fields and will obviously contribute to increase the performance and the turnover of the company. The continuity and the stabilization of the employees within the company make the long-term forecasts more secure and allow the allocation of the resources in a planned way. Such company is easier to administer. Managers will focus on coordination and training activities, not on the control and discipline ones. The stability within the company provides a sense of trust that long-term partners are looking for. The relationships with investors and customers are improved.

There is no universal formula for any company for creating a brand, an international culture, but there are various useful formulas for selecting valuable employees within the compay:

  1. Do not rely on the job interview. Use tests that can help you to create a cleaer image about the knowledge in the fields needed for the position to be filled by the potential candidates, their intellectual capabilities, but also their personality. However, it is recommended to notify the candidates that they will be tested.
  2. If you have to hire a significant number of persons or when the specialists you look for are a’’rarity’’ in the labour market, the employees’recommendations can be an invaluable aid. In this way, you can have access to candidates suitable to the job requirments in a short time.
  3. A careful consideration before hiring a person is mandatory, because it will help you to discover if the candidate has the knowledge and the experience that the company needs, what are the salary expectation and the level of compatibility of the person with the international culture. Half an hour on the phone with the possible candidate can save hours in the hiring process.
  4. Prepare a list of professional qualities, experience, skills, personality factors and other aspects necessary for the person, who will fill a specific vacancy. Create a database. Create a database of the candidates, who meet the requirements. This will make it easier to make the right choice.