We can help you to get in touch with jobseekers in order to establish employment relationships. 

Who can benefit:

  • Economic agents from the Republic of Modlova that are looking for labor force.

The employer, whose legal address is registered at the place of the territorial Agency, informs it within 5 working days, in a written form, by phone/fax, by email, about the all-available vacancies.

The Form “The offers regarding job vacancies”

How to benefit:

In case you want to identify suitable candidates for the available vacancies, please contact the employment agency in your area.

Types of mediation services you can request:

  • To be given support in the pre-selection process and distribution of candidates to a jobin accordance with their professional training, skills and interests;
  • To be included as a participant in job fairs;
  • To be included as a participant in on-line job fairs;
  • To participate in recruitment activities.