The CV is a summary of your educational and professional experience and your personal qualities that are relevant for to a job.


Fill in the attached form to create your CV (the form is attached).

Rules to be complied with in developing Curriculum Vitae:

1)      Be concise, do not write more than 2 pages;

2)      Do not mention the date on which your CV was elaborated;

3)      Present the studies in descending order, starting with the most recently graduated;

4)      Indicate all professional and special training courses that are relevant to the job you are applying;

5)     Start with the latest posts, mention the work experience and the qualities that will help you in the job that you are applying for;

7)     If you are a graduate and you do not yet have a work experience, focus on the very good grades, the relevant courses, the prizes,  distinctions and  scholarships, possible part-time jobs,  volunteering activities and mention the qualities that would help you  in case you get the job you are applying;

8)    Before sending or printing your resume, check for grammatical mistakes or ask someone to help;

9)     If necessary, print your resume on a white, qualitative A4 paper (in no case colored) and do not make changes to it with a pen;

10)   Keep your resume in electronic form so  you can edit and update it whenever necessary.