We approve and offer non-taxable financial support for a period of 6 to 12 months for people who fit into the category of unemployed. 

Purpose: Supporting people without jobs and stimulating them for re-employment in a shorter time.

Who can benefit:

You can get unemployment benefit if you are left without a job and you meet the conditions to be in the category of unemployed:

  • you are aged between 16 and the statutory age for retirement;
  • who is fit to work , by health and physical and mental abilities;
  • you have no job and no activity to earn revenue;
  • you are actively looking  for a job and you are ready to start working;
  • who does not study full time at an educational institution;
  • You are registered with the Employment Agency in whose territorial jurisdiction you are domiciled;
  • Who has worked and has had a contribution period to the state social security budget at least for 9 months for the last 24 calendar months preceding the date of registration.

How to benefit:

1.You are submit for registration to the Employment Agency the following documents:

  • The application for unemployment benefit;
  • ID card (original and copy);
  • Workbook (original and copy);
  • Studies and qualifications Diplomas(original and copy);
  • The marriage certificate for people who have changed their surname (orginal and copy);
  • A written statement in its own right;
  • A certificate stating the lack of activity in order to obtain income;
  • The original account statement of the insured or other documents confirming the contribution period.

2. If your claim is successful you will be entitled the category of beneficiary of unemployment benefit.

Beneficiary categories and the amount of unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefits are differentiated according to the circumstances in which the person ceases to work:

Nr. art.

(According to the Labor Code)

Amount of unemployment benefit in % of the average salary of the person calculated in the way established by the Government

a) Death of the employer - the physical person, declaration of his death or disappearance by the decision of judicial instance

82 (b)

50 %

b) Withdrawal of the license of the enterprise, by competent authorities- from the date of the withdrawal of the corresponding license;

8 (d)


c) Expiration of the term of action of the fixed-date individual labour contract - since the day specified in the contract, except for cases, when labour relations actually proceed and none of the parties has demanded their discontinuance;

82 (f)


d) completion of the work stipulated in the individual labour contract concluded for the period of performing a certain work;

82 (g)


e) End of season, in case of the conclusion of individual labour contracts for performing seasonal work;

82 (h)


f) Force-majeur circumstances, confirmed in the established order, which exclude the possibility of continuing the labour relations;

82 (i)


g) Liquidation of the enterprise or the termination of the activity of the employer- the physical person;

86 (b)


h) Reduction of number of workers or staff of the enterprise;

86 (c)


i) Establishment of the fact that the worker does not correspond to the position or carried out work for health reasons according to the medical conclusion;

6 (d)


j) Establishment of the fact that the worker does not correspond to the position or carried out work, due to insufficient qualification, confirmed by the decision of the attestation commission;

86 (e)


k) Change of the proprietor of the enterprise (concerning the head of the enterprises, his assistants and the chief accountant);

86 (f)


l) Repealed

86 (t)


m) Refusal of the employee to transfer to another work for health reasons, on the basis of the medical conclusion 

86 (x)


n) Refusal of the employee to transfer to another district in connection with the moving of the enterprise to this district

86 (y)


o) They resigned, searched actively for work, and were registered at the agency as unemployed for at least 3 calendar months, and due to  lack of suitable jobs could not be employed in the workplace



p) They ceased to work by giving up the license (authorization) to pursue an entrepreneurial or patent activity



q) They ceased to work abroad under the conditions of early termination of an individual state social insurance contract



The amount of the unemployment benefit can not be less than the minimum wage set by the country and will not exceed the average wage in the previous year.

The period for payment of unemployment benefit:

It is differentiated according to the contribution period:

Contribution period

The amount of the allowance and the length of time it is received

 Up to 5 years, but not less than 9 months 

  Payment period for 6 calendar months

 From 5 to 10 years

  Payment period for 9 calendar months

 For over 10 years

  Payment period for 12 calendar months

Date of commencement of unemployment benefit:

You will receive unemployment benefit on the eighth day after the date of filing your application for a job at the agency, if this right is documented, Except for:

  • Persons who have been dismissed as a result of the liquidation of the unit or the reduction of staff in the establishment,benefiting from aid on the same terms but not earlier than the expiry date: three months from the date of dismissal;
  • Resigned persons who get the benefit not before the termination of it: three calendar months from the date of registration in the agency;

You will not be granted unemployment benefit until you have the right to receive it, you unjustifiably refuse an appropriate job under the law, or the agency's incentive services.