We offer you the opportunity to attend free training courses (qualification, re-qualification, training)

Who can benefit:

You may apply for a free professional training course if you are one of the following:

  • You have not been able to get employed for a long time since graduating from an education institution;
  • You have a profession that is not required on the labor market at the moment;
  • You do not have a job and want to reorient your professional career.

You have priority to attend a free training course if you are:

  • Graduate of boarding school;
  • Orphan child;
  • Child left without parental care or under guardianship;
  • Child from a family with many children;
  • Single-parent child;
  • Victim of domestic violence;
  • Victim of human traffic;
  • Person with disabilities;
  • Veteran;
  • Person released from places of detention or from social rehabilitation institutions.

How to benefit:

Contact the Employment Agency of the territory you are domiciled in.

Forms of professional training:

  • Qualification - the set of professional competences that allow a person to carry out activities specific to an occupation or profession;
  • Re-qualification - acquiring specific skills for another occupation or profession other than those previously acquired;
  • Further training - developing professional skills within the same qualification.

Deployment Mode:

In vocational training courses, are admitted people who have graduated from gymnasium , general secondary school, lyceum or other studies necessary for the course; to some simple professions /  occupations are admitted persons without secondary education but the person possesses the minimum knowledge necessary to acquire the respective activity.

The organizational structure of the courses consists of: theoretical training and practical training. The two components run every day (morning or afternoon) throughout the week.

Theoretical courses take place in the classrooms of educational institutions based on study plans and programs, being led by experienced teachers in the field.

Practical work is focused on training the trainees in the relevant companies, and in some professions / occupation in the worksroom or laboratories of the educational institution equipped with the necessary equipment for training.


To find out more about the professions watch the posted videos:

 Administrator in hotel services

Travel Agent


 Concrete and blacksmith







Specialists in construction





 Confectioner tools precision instruments

 Car mechanic works with carbody

 Car mechanic

  Marine engineer


List of educational institutions contracted by employment agencies for centralized training in 2016